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Utah is a great place to be a Republican — especially after 3 decades in liberal Oregon  (hard copy)

Trump’s approach as media disruptor might work  (hard copy)

How will future generations view abortion?  (hard copy)

Brit Hume Nov 23, 2017 Tweet

Why I’m a global warming skeptic  (hard copy)

Can mainstream media regain its credibility?  (hard copy)

OPB interview: Oregon Republican Activists Have Mixed Views On Trump, But Hope Triumphs Over Fear

USA Today: Trump is surprising me in a good way  (hard copy) (International)

Life in a post-Trump election world  (hard copy)



New editor at Oregon Catalyst

Taking a step back from political activities

Voters should ask why we need Measure 97 tax increases  (hard copy)

Oregon state tax collections at historical high

I may not have to hold my nose in November after all  (hard copy)

USA Today: Fox anchor Megyn Kelly describes scary, bullying ‘Year of Trump’

Gov. Kate Brown using deceptive gun death numbers

NRA-ILA article that references and links to my column

Orlando terrorist attack: When facts don’t fit the narrative  (hard copy)

Unintended consequences of transgender ruling paradigm  (hard copy)

Who’s to blame for the Cover Oregon failure?  (hard copy)

What passes for justice in Oregon: State to pay $1.3 million to official ousted after Cover Oregon fiasco [Carolyn Lawson]

Almost half of states violating federal drug law

Positive steps protect Oregonians from sexual predators  (hard copy)

Rapid growth of Oregon budget continues

Return of Matt Wingard is the ‘shock of the day’  (hard copy)

Life changes in a moment for Salem couple  (hard copy)

These are ominous and concerning times  (hard copy)

Why is college so expensive?  (hard copy)

Media bias fuels national polarization  (hard copy)



Americans must reclaim their democracy  (hard copy)

OSP has changed its firearm background check retention policy

Climate change as dissociation  (hard copy)

America: A heavily medicated nation  (hard copy)

Dark underbelly of Oregon revenue forecast

Apologists for Islamic extremists are misguided  (hard copy)

Veterans Day: Would Americans today make Civil War sacrifices?  (hard copy)

State police report supports Kitzhaber whistleblower  (hard copy)

Disappointing media coverage of UCC tragedy  (hard copy)

Ignorant, misleading gun control reporting by Washington Post

Can Kate Brown overcome her partisan tendencies?  (hard copy)

Oregon remains safe for sexual predators  (hard copy)

Early look at Oregon’s 2016 elections

Who hit the fast forward button on life?  (hard copy)

Am I accountable for the abortions I fund?  (hard copy)

Tragedies underscore misguided gun control efforts  (hard copy)

Bad anti-gun ‘lock up’ bill: No real problem or even factual basis

2015-17 Oregon budget is out: Spending is up!

BOLI’s political abuses of power in Gresham bakery case  (hard copy)

Marijuana in Oregon is only MOSTLY legal  (hard copy)

Oregon voters still leaving Dem and GOP parties

Stop politically motivated retribution against whistleblower  (hard copy)

WW: Kitzhaber Whistleblower Michael Rodgers Reaches [$286K] Settlement With State

AP: Whistleblower (Kitzhaber email leaker) won’t face charges

What the Legislature’s Democratic majority must do  (hard copy)

AP: Oregon public-employee pension costs and state-funded healthcare for low-income residents will be massive drain on state budget

Oregonians risk federal ire on marijuana  (hard copy)

Bend Bulletin: U.S. Postal Service office in Portland says no to pot ads in newspapers “still illegal at the federal level”

KGW: Feds still waging war on weed in Oregon “Marijuana remains illegal under federal law.”

Another way Marion County takes care of its veterans  (hard copy)

Why is it so hard to fund K-12 education in Oregon?  (hard copy)

Gov. Kate Brown’s first major mistake  (hard copy)

Weak first attempt by Gov. Kate Brown to correct mistake: Gov. Brown asks state employees to report fraud, abuse (KGW)

Better from Gov. Kate Brown: Not in public’s interest to pursue a case against whistleblower Michael Rodgers (press release)

Scandal has come to Oregon  (hard copy)

Quoted in Pulitzer-winning Center for Public Integrity’s 2015 State Integrity Investigation (Oregon)

Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson cleared by grand jury & U.S. DOJ

It’s time to properly fund K-12 education in Oregon  (hard copy)

Oregon’s checks and balances aren’t working  (hard copy)

The ‘big lie’ about unemployment in Oregon

The toxic legacy of Neil Goldschmidt lives on  (hard copy)

What should the legislative session focus on?  (hard copy)

The ever-elusive K-12 school funding in Oregon



Saluting 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge  (hard copy)

‘Gas-guzzling’ PERS drains effectiveness of tax dollars  (hard copy)

Dems further tighten stranglehold on Oregon

America has become a feckless ally  (hard copy)

Growth of concealed carry accompanies drop in crime

Protect legislative interns and other Capitol workers  (hard copy)

What should Oregon fund by exploiting addictions?  (hard copy)

Where do Americans get their news?

Six million-dollar Oregon House races

No wonder people don’t trust the media  (hard copy)

Why credit Kitzhaber as ‘bipartisan’ in 1-party state?  (radio interview) (hard copy)

An appreciation of law enforcement  (radio interview) (hard copy)

Call for more PERS transparency  (radio interview)

The very real danger of political correctness  (radio interview) (hard copy)

Innocent until proven guilty, unless you’re a cop  (radio interview) (hard copy)

My related comment on blog “It’s tough to love a cop” by the wife of an Oregon deputy sheriff

Graph: 40+ years of Oregon taxes

Decrypting PERS employer contribution rates

Remembering Vic Atiyeh: ‘Very dignified, no ego, passionate about things he cared about’

Are Oregonians paying enough property taxes?  (radio interview) (hard copy)

Kitzhaber is responsible for Cover Oregon failure  (radio interview) (hard copy)

Oregon businesses pay fair share of taxes  (radio interview) (addendum)

Serving on grand jury is an eye-opening experience  (hard copy)

Reynolds High School tragedy: more laws are not the answer

We must guard against losing our free speech  (hard copy)

Largest growth in Oregon voters: independents

Why are spotted owls more important than other owls – and people?  (radio interview) (hard copy)

How to fix Polk County’s budget  (hard copy)

A cautionary note on the rush to legalize marijuana

Ukraine suffers as America stands down  (hard copy)

WSJ (Dec 2016): The U.S.S.R. Fell—and the World Fell Asleep

Oregon Democrats’ arrogant abuses of power  (hard copy)

Are Oregon firearms background check records purged after 10 days? No

Gun control proposals are part of a grander scheme  (radio interview) (hard copy)

Records retention of Oregon firearms background checks  (radio interview)

Our scales of justice are out of balance  (hard copy)

Protecting religious freedom in Oregon

Colorado recalls: voter polling that matters

Expanding gun background checks  (hard copy)

Response to my column by Penny Okamoto, Executive Director of Ceasefire Oregon

Redefinition of marriage is coming  (hard copy)

A voice for the silent victims of abuse  (hard copy)



PERS not fully fixed by reform  (radio interview) (hard copy)

Decoding Obamacare enrollment numbers

Honoring victims of the Holocaust  (archive-online)

All vets have earned our thanks  (archive-online)

Drugs, depression problems in Oregon  (archive-online)

Democrats’ votes reflect money interests  (archive-online)

Is Oregon ready for a sales tax?

Oregon GOP is no roadblock  (archive-online)

Gresham bakery: Two sides to every story, right? (radio interview)  (archive-online)

With Syria we’re 100 bad decisions down the road

PERS: There’s a hole in daddy’s arm where all the money goes

Tax hikes to get PERS reform is no bargain

Oregon Democrats have a PERS dilemma  (archive-online)

Response to my column by Toya Fick, lobbyist for Stand for Children

Oregonians are at fault for not stopping sex abuse  (archive-online)

Lifting up the bias kimono at Oregon PolitiFact

I know why the Post Office is going under

Clackamas Town Center shooting: Report offers chilling glimpse inside a monster

Cliff Kincaid article on RenewAmerica that references this column

2011-13 state revenue forecast ends on a high note

The dangerous, arrogant abuse of power

The problem with gun violence

Response to my column by Carla Axtman, an editor at BlueOregon

Sen. Prozanski’s witch hunt against CHL holders

How the media contribute to underreporting of sexual assaults

Response to my column by Eve Epstein, Managing Editor OPB News

Violence Policy Center data: CHL holders are hyper-law-abiding

Who’s going to pay for all this? Oregon’s aging population sticks younger workers with the bill

Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers, oh my!

Sen. Prozanski’s bizarre bill to make it harder to get a CHL (radio interview)

How the Violence Policy Center deceives with numbers

How safe are Oregon schools? Federal, state data suggest room for improvement



Gun deaths in Oregon

We don’t need to be perfect, just ethical

Oregon smoking ban has unintended consequences for state lottery revenues

Budget reserve protects Oregon against revenue forecast swings

Are the rich in Oregon paying enough taxes? (radio interview)

Dems tighten stranglehold on Oregon

Statewide voter registration improves for Republicans

Oregon PERS Crisis 101 (3-part series)  

Oregon’s PERS Crisis – Part 1 (radio interview)
Oregon’s PERS Crisis – Part 2
Oregon’s PERS Crisis – Part 3

Why money matters in politics

Call for a state budget “Core Fund” (Three articles)

A way to stabilize Oregon school funding: Reform PERS, fund K-12 first
Stop using Oregon schools as state budget hostages
Oregon doesn’t need another rainy-day fund

Are we Republicans applying a double standard in Matt Wingard case?

Obama job creation strategy: blame

Who has controlled the U.S. government for the last two decades?

Oregon: a welfare state

Oregon Budget 101 – Overview and Growth